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More photographers get into the industry every day, but few know how to profitably run a business and many don’t know where to turn for support.  That's why PPA was started (way, way back in 1869) and that’s why we exist today. 

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The Professional Photographer's Go-To Resource to Grow a Profitable Business.

PPA helps more than 30,000 Photographers Be More Successful

I became a PPA member because of my hunger to learn from those who have gone before me and who are much greater than myself. PPA is blessed to have so many incredible artists who are not only willing to teach and share their passion, but are excited to ignite that in others. I actually met my fiancee on PPA's theLoop. We met shortly after theLoop started. We both are landscape photographers and we quickly hit it off on the forums sharing ideas and travel advice about landscape. So thanks, theLoop and PPA! Not only ahve you helped me professionally, but you introduced me to my future husband!

Tiffany Reed, Member Since 2012

I've had many but recently I paid for my daughter's first year in college with cash I had saved from my salary as a professional photographer! It really made me feel like I was doing something right in the industry. In 2003, I had just started a full time studio and had no idea what I was doing. I did a Google search and found PPA. The more I read their website, the more I knew I needed to join.PPA was instrumental in learning to become a businessperson in photography. I was a photographer, but I learned the business side of the industry from PPA. Every time I go on the website, I learn something that I can apply to my profession.

Peter Dant, Member Since 2003

I became a PPA member because my mentor referred me. I just joined 5mins ago, but I’m already super inspired and have learned so much. Contract samples are very helpful. See The Difference videos are mind blowing. This was the best decision ever. 

Daniel Jones, Member Since 2019

"PPA is an incredible source for information regarding my photography business. I learned so much from the videos that were available, and I got to meet so many wonderful people who were willing to share their wisdom. Imaging USA 2019 blew my mind, and I got to take home so much insight from individuals in the industry. I will definitely be going back to learn even more and develop my craft." 

Adriana Kopinja, Member Since 2015


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If you’re serious about earning or increasing your main income as a professional photographer, then you must take advantage of what PPA can do for you! 

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