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There is a gap that exists between photographers and consumers—the difference between how photographers see themselves, how they exist in the consumer marketplace alongside every other product, and why more and more photographers are working harder for less without realizing their true value.

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Bridging the Gap ContentYou'll keep more money and be more profitable with PPA's exclusive business tools. Get help from goal setting to pricing your work, profitably.

Planning & Pricing Tools: You'll keep more money and Be More Profitable with PPA's exclusive business tools. Get help from goal setting to pricing your work, profitably.

Sales & Marketing Help: Do you really know how to market yourself to clients so that they see the value you'll bring them? With quizzes, videos, templates, and guides to sell print products, PPA gives you what you need to grow your business.

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There are many money-saving and money-making resources available to photographers who are members of PPA that help you:

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